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What you should know about My lab is that we sure know how to make teeth. We have been doing This for a 16 years. Zirlab is about combining art and technology. Zirlab stands for accuracy, and detailed art that is made to fit and look perfect every time. Giving you the solution to your patient’s  poor dental condition. Getting Zirlab on your side is a positive addition to any dental office.
  Don't get stuck overpaying for your work.  If your working with an overrated dental lab think again and receive real benefits. Perfectly layered crowns, veneers, bridge work, inlay/onlays every time. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Just send us your next case and you will be surprised.
   Make Zirlab your choice. Next time if you’re worried about a case and were to send it Know Zirlab is here and on your side ready to deliver the highest quality consistently. Ask any of our 15 year + clients these dentists will tell you Zirlab just keeps getting better and is always straight forward and honest. Thank you all for making this possible for us. I appreciate your support and will always invest for you in the latest technologies.

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